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The Tree Line Wallpaper - In Green

The Tree Line Wallpaper - In Green

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The Tree Line Wallpaper in Green by MOTH+Mink, why stop nature at the perimeter?

Our muted homage to the deciduous tree, in green, hand drawn by one of our MOTH+Mink artists, draws in the natural palette of the woodland, treating you to delicate detailing and beautifully balanced earthy tones. 

The appearance of this luxury wallpaper is highly responsive to aspect of the intended room in addition to the intensity and warmth of any artificial lighting.  Samples  are available to order and are recommended as colour, due to screen resolution, may vary from the physical product.

The Tree Line Wallpaper translates perfectly from living space to sleeping quarters, making it a solid choice for those hard working, multi - functional rooms.

A soft, deep palette with a earthy warm undertone, this pattern will compliment your all -star furniture line-up, be they rustic, ultra refined, or of the minimalist aesthetic.

At 70cm wide, this straight repeat pattern is available in a 10metre roll length. 


If you need some help with quantity estimates, please email us and we will be happy to assist.   

Our Paste - The- Wall, Non woven, quality Wallpaper with a softly textured, matt finish, giving a modern, dead matt finish, freeing up this delicate pattern from any lighting reflection interference.  Eco friendly paper, free from solvents and using water based inks for the printing process. 

 Finishes are surface wipe clean only.  

Love the pattern and want more? Coming soon, MOTH+Mink have brought this pattern through into some beautiful soft furnishing pieces and fabrics for you to layer up with.  Join us on Social Media to keep up to date with our new products as they launch.




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