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In The Brambles - Blue Marl, Feather Filled Cushion.

In The Brambles - Blue Marl, Feather Filled Cushion.

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In The Brambles - Blue Marl

Feather Filled Cushion

Product Code: 011009MOTH60

Dimensions: XL 60cm x 60cm

Available in other sizes: Large 50x50cm.

Taking the Brambles to the sofa, our cool Blue Marl and white, feather filled, square cushion will offer a beautifully organic relief to those starving minimalist furniture lines.  Cloaked in our removable, woven Mayfair Herringbone cover, this luxury cushion will add a delicate pattern detail that will compliment a host of interior styles, from the finely controlled, neutral home, to the most busy of detail-laden spaces.  

Layer up your In The Brambles cushion collection by mixing together various sizes from across the series.  The series has been designed with a compatible colour palette tonality throughout, giving you the harmonious freedom to wildly cluster or rampantly spread your Brambles as you like.

Please be aware of colour variation with screen display and that actual colours may vary.  

MOTH+Mink's Grass Edge Series have taken the rich grass lace tapestries that trace the Irish lanes and rolling fields and have created these precious interior delicacies for you to savour.

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