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In The Brambles - Blue Marl

In The Brambles - Blue Marl

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In The Brambles - Blue Marl Wallpaper by MOTH+Mink, has a beautifully neutral, dark blue colour base, providing a strong backdrop for the cascade of white bramble tracings, set to drape your walls.   

Hand drawn by one of our artists, MOTH+Mink bring the thorny bramble to decor finery.

In The Brambles - Blue Marl Wallpaper has an opulent, soft sheen finish and, as with all the In The Brambles Wallpaper Series, hosts a strong statement pattern, bringing intricate detail to your space.

At 70cm wide, with a repeat height of 60cm, this straight repeat pattern is available in a 10metre roll length.  Samples are available to order and are recommended as colour, due to screen resolution, may vary from the physical product.

If you need some help with quantity estimates, please email us and we will be happy to assist.  

Our high quality, Paste - The- Wall, Non woven, smooth coated high Wallpaper has a soft sheen finish, giving a rich dimension to your wall, inviting reflections and lighting to play with your pattern throughout the day and night.  Eco friendly paper, free from solvents and using water based inks for the printing process.  

All finishes are surface wipe clean only.  




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