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An Ancient People, Original Painting

An Ancient People, Original Painting

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An Ancient People (Original Painting on Canvas)

Ancient soil underfoot,

Tens of thousands of years of ancestors 

Hunted, gathered, birthed, bled

And buried.

Receding from the spreading ice sheet, 

Returning as it thawed.


From the small Paleolithic societies 8,000 years BC to the Iron Age, through to the 536AD Volcanic winter's 18 months of cold darkness and its unforgiving famine,

The Irish People survived through all severity, their heritage rooted in the land.

This Original Art piece, painted by our founding MOTH+Mink artist in 2021, is part of a wider collection, now on display in Belfast.

Coming Soon -

We are happy to announce that Open Edition Fine Art Giclee Prints of An Ancient People will be available soon at MOTH+Mink, framed or unframed. 

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