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Roses and Egrets Wallpaper - Mulberry

Roses and Egrets Wallpaper - Mulberry

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Meet our unique, hand drawn wallpaper showcasing MOTH+Mink's Roses and Egrets, Mulberry.

Bring in the theatrics with the mulberry version of Roses and Egrets wallpaper.  This opulent colour is a timeless show stopper.

The illustration, hand drawn by one of our in-house artists, has been brought to life in our Roses and Egrets wallpaper series, ready for the big reveal.


At 62cm wide, this half drop pattern is available in 10 metre roll lengths.  Samples (62cm wide x 30cm) are available to order and are recommended as screen colour may differ slightly from the physical product.

If you need some help with quantity estimates, please email us and we will be happy to assist.  


Choose from our range of high quality wallpaper finishes: 

Premium Wallpaper 173gsm SprayTheWall is our preselected finish for you, however, explore our finishes and make the selection that's tailored to your needs:

Paper: thick, textured matt paper finish, strong and durable, holding up well to scratches.  Eco friendly paper, free from solvents and using water based inks for the printing process.  Do note that if you would like to hang this on a dark wall, it is recommended to use a lining paper before applying.

Premium: Opaque, stunning textured, matt wallpaper is pre-coated with adhesive and water activated.  All that is needed is to spray the wall and position the paper, no need to add any paste.  Sharp print detailing, tough, durable and scratch resistant.  Certified ECO- print is odour free and the water based inks are a sustainable alternative to mass - manufactured wallpapers.

Self Adhesive: This removable paper can be mounted on to any surface.  It retains its adhesive properties so that it can be repositioned many times, great for adjustments if needed.  It won't leave a residue when you remove it, something for the renters out there to consider.  Its unique coating is water based and the paper is opaque.  Simply peel and stick to apply.

All finishes are surface wipe clean only.  

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